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4 Ways to Deal With Anxiety Surrounding Coronavirus

So far, there have been around 1000 cases of deaths due to coronavirus. People are gripped with anxiety because of the sudden outburst of the disease that has taken the nation by storm. The international circles have been equally worried about the outbreak, especially the Asian countries.

As the number of cases of coronavirus has increased, there is a sharp increase in the anxiety amongst people. Wuhan in China has been quarantined, and travel guidelines have been imposed all over the world, given the spread of coronavirus.

Therefore, it’s natural to feel anxious about the outbreak and its effect on the lives of commoners. Coronavirus is being as a deadly disease in those who have a weak immune system.

Here are some ways to cope with the ongoing anxiety and fear due to coronavirus:

  1. Please Do Not Make It Bigger Than What Coronavirus is

Our brain has a fight and flight response for everything we encounter. It pays more attention to the things that are consistently said to be as scary. On the contrary, things that look harmless but are potentially bad for our health are seen as no-threat. It’s how things function.

We are afraid of getting into a ruckus with mobs but will fight easily with someone getting out of their car in a suit and tie for parking at our spot.

That’s how our brain maps situations. The scarier a thing seems, the fear of it increases, thus inducing anxiety. This is precisely the case with the coronavirus.

The health risk of coronavirus is being blown out of proportions. Instead of giving credible information, social media platforms are more concerned with making the most advantage out of the situation.

Yes, coronavirus is dangerous, and it has made a whole city quarantined, but all the chatter surrounding it is causing upheaval. People are charging towards hospital reporting coronavirus when they have simple flu.

Flu kills more people than coronavirus every year as it is highly contagious. However, the coronavirus infection is still not confirmed to be as infectious as the other cases of flu. It has mainly affected the Wuhan.

  1. Take Precautions Well

Influenza and coronavirus are spread through cough, sneeze, or a touch. If you are feeling under the weather, do not go out to work and better stay at home.

The precautions mean keeping your hands clean. Wash them after you have come from outside. Keep a hand sanitizer along with you at all times.

  1. Don’t Consume Everything Media Says About Coronavirus

Everything plastered on the internet is not the right information. Some of it is just posted as clickbait to generate more leads towards their website or news portal. These media outlets work towards producing an organized scare among people to make most of the situation.

Doctors and health officials are working day and night to improve their understanding of the coronavirus and curate a solution for it as soon as possible. So please don’t panic, have faith in them.

If you are looking for updates, check official health resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  1. Rely On Your Ideas Of Dealing With The Dreaded Anxiety Over Coronavirus

You may have anxiety due to coronavirus right now, but in the past, you’ve already dealt with this emotion, so it’s an excellent way to rely on the previous ideas.

Just do whatever it takes to resolve any leftover feelings of fear; the essential tool you can put to use is to talk about your worries.


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