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Quick Check: Easy Tips To Follow On How To Live With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a prevalent medical condition in the United States. Many studies found out that the number of people with ADHD and ADD in the country continues to rise every year. According to studies, currently, about as much as 11% of the total population of the United States has ADHD. While the disorder is most commonly associated with children and sometimes adolescents, but adults also have ADD and ADHD, which makes it hard for them to live a healthy life with their symptoms.

Here, we have ten most helpful tips for adults to live with their ADHD symptoms while managing them effectively to become more successful and focused.

  1. Limit your distractions

You should limit your distractions, particularly in this era of the digital age, where everything that you do and see happens in the blink of an eye where distractions are overwhelming for everyone. Try to work in a quiet area with the least décor, and even close down your internet when it is not necessary to open it.

  1. Work in a small space

To limit unproductive distractions at work, keep assignments and tasks confined to a small area. For some people, this means a cubicle facing away from a window or some regular activity, or it could mean shutting the door of the room and working in an uninterrupted environment.

  1. Keep simple systems

For people with ADHD, complicated or broad assignments with many subtasks can become overwhelming. Break down your daily routine or schedule into small bite-size and manageable chunks that are straightforward and simple.

  1. Try therapies

Sometimes you need some guidance from a qualified health care professional. Seeking therapies lead to helpful tips, advice, or it can become a trustworthy ear where you can voice your stresses, concerns, and agendas. Pain medicines like Tramadol have addiction symptoms as well which is why there are therapy and rehabilitation centers for people who are affected by or under the influence of the drug.

  1. Join some community

Many people are going through a similar struggle with ADHD every day. People just like you, have issues in dealing with their disorder. Join an online community or forum for adults with ADD/ADHD and make use of that place to share your personal experience, trials, tips, and triumphs.

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  1. Plan Ahead

Good organizing and forward-thinking skills are great to learn things that can help you stay more focused on your daily tasks.

  1. Train the brain

Several studies show that simple brain teasers and exercises based on attention, organization, and memory can help you train your mind in order to avoid distractions and become more productive.

  1. Educate people around you

The best way for people to understand and recognize your disorder is to know about it accurately. Educate people around you and also yourself on ADHD/ADD, know your triggers, your symptoms, and also identify ways and methods other people are using to have a more normal life with ADHD.

  1. Prioritize tasks

You have a lot to do, but that really doesn’t mean that you need to do all of it at the same time or right at this second. Take some steps back, and evaluate your tasks, find out which job is more important, and start from there. That way, you will find it easier to focus on more critical tasks, and they will no longer be daunting.

  1. Have a recharge time

A lot of people with ADHD/ADD find themselves trying hard on too much and never saying “no.” Don’t feel guilty about taking a break from your work. Take a couple of minutes to recharge. The recharge time will enhance your concentration and your ability to do the job.

How an ADHD affected brain looks

ADHD is not all about work. Adults with the disorder may also have issues dealing with other daily life things such as relationships and home. Some more useful tips for people with ADHD to manage their lifestyle and relationships include:

  • Take time before you respond. Often people with ADHD blurt out inappropriate responses or comments because the part of the brain with control and reasoning has not had enough time to catch up. Slow yourself down. Don’t instantly say or do anything you feel like saying or doing, and give yourself some time to think.
  • We take our actions based upon careful analysis of the past experiences and the likely consequences of the actions. ADHD weakens the part of the brain that helps you remember and visualize. So, it is essential for you to intentionally call up memories and really focus on letting your mind analyze them before making an instant decision.
  • Try to rely on other things besides your memory. Write it down in a to-do list or journal or on your phone and take it with you. It will help you tremendously in prioritizing and remembering tasks. If you have something important to do, write it down and keep it readily accessible.
  • Externalize your problems and try to make them physically tangible. Complex issues are a nightmare for people who have ADHD.
  • The most important rule is to have a good sense of humor. Go ahead with your life by accepting your imperfections. Your ADHD doesn’t define you and remember no one is perfect. Make fun of yourself, love yourself, and never take things too seriously!!!

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