Everything You Need to Know About Clove Cigarettes 

Clove Cigarettes

Clove cigarettes are considered the best alternative to traditional cigarettes. In some countries and regions, clove cigarettes are favored as “kreteks.” Even though these cigarettes are used all over the world, their toxicity is still a subject of debate. Some people claim that clove cigarettes are far safer than regular ones, while others negatively approach this cigarette.

Well, which of these two cigarettes is safe is still a matter of research. So we don’t want to make any significant comment on this. But, if you are still not familiar with clove cigarettes, this blog is going to be very helpful to you. Please read this blog carefully to understand all about clove cigarettes, their ingredients, possible effect on the body, and much more.

Clove Cigarette

What are clove cigarettes?

Cloves are unfiltered cigarettes made with a blend of cloves, tobacco, and other flavors. The term “Kretek” itself is an onomatopoetic word that refers crackling sound of burning cloves. Clove cigarettes are the new-generation form of traditional cigarettes. As per their names, clove cigarettes are made from cloves – the clove trees’ dried, unopened flower buds. However, Indonesia is considered the origin place for these cigarettes; they are distributed worldwide.

In countries like India, cloves are used as a cooking spice and are famous for their unique flavor and scent. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which contain addictive tobacco leaves and cancer-causing ingredients, cloves cigarettes have low tobacco.

What are the ingredients of clove cigarettes?

Like traditional cigarettes, these cigarettes also contain tobacco as the main ingredient. However, they also have clove buds as their second ingredient. Clove cigarettes typically contain 60 to 80 percent tobacco and 20 to 40 percent ground clove buds and oil. Sometimes, certain other ingredients like cinnamon, cumin, and nutmeg are also added.

In addition, other ingredients might also be there in minor quantities.

Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, and Tar Exposure 

According to the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, clove cigarettes contain more carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar than regular cigarettes available in the United States. Smoking a clove cigarette takes more time than regular ones, and people who smoke it are at higher risk of internal damage than others who do not smoke.

People with asthma or respiratory damage are at higher risk of lung health risks associated with smoking these cigarettes.

Impacts of Clove Cigarettes on Health

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), clove cigarettes carry the same physical and psychological health risks as traditional cigarettes. They can cause heart diseases and cancers. This type of cigarette is also associated with an increased risk for lung injury, including fluid in the lungs, inflammation, and low oxygen levels. Like Traditional cigarettes, Kreteks can also lead to nicotine addiction.

Clove cigarettes can cause a variety of other dangerous problems, including; 

  • Angina, abdominal pain, blood-streaked sputum
  • Chronic cough, bronchospasm, diarrhea
  • Lung injury labored breathing
  • Mouth and throat burns, nosebleeds, vomiting, and nausea
  • Respiratory tract infections, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing
  • Worsening of long-term bronchitis and asthma

Gateway to tobacco use

As with regular cigarettes, Kretek is often a young person’s first introduction to tobacco. Its packaging and flavors endorse young people to smoke more often. The sweet flavor added to Clove cigarettes softens the harsh taste of tobacco smoke, easing smokers into what often becomes a lifelong struggle with nicotine addiction.


The Bottom Line

People smoke both traditional and clove cigarettes recreationally. Since both forms contain tobacco and tar, which is very dangerous for health, we do not support tobacco use, especially in the case of recreational use. If you are a tobacco addict, we suggest you stop smoking. Yet, if we talk about the facts, both cigarettes are injurious.

Clove cigarettes have less quantity of tobacco, and their flavor is natural. That is why some people consider them less harmful; however, it is not a complete truth. So, if smoking is an addiction, you should lower it over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Kreteks smell like?

The aroma of clove cigarettes is distinctively sweet and spicy, with hints of vanilla. You have likely encountered a similar fragrance if you have ever baked or cooked with cloves.

What is the status of clove cigarettes in the United States?

Kreteks are highly addictive and are known for their harmful impacts on the human body. Due to such effects, Kreteks are banned in some areas of the United States. In addition, certain other restrictions are also applied.

What are Kreteks made of?

The typical clove cigarettes are also known as Kretek and contain tobacco as the primary ingredient. However, they also have ground clove buds and oil in addition to tobacco. Spices like cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon are also added as flavor.

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