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Which are the most prescribed drugs in the States?

America’s Most Prescribed Drugs

The popularity of prescription drugs is on the rise in the United States. Between 1997 and 2016, the number of prescriptions has increased from around 2.4 billion to 4.4 billion, that’s an increase of about 85 percent. This trend shows us that prescription medicines are popular. Drugs from the categories of antibiotics, analgesics, antidepressants, cholesterol drugs, high blood pressure drugs, steroids, and diabetes medications are among the most popular prescription drugs.

Prescription Drugs

The most popular medications are those which one can find in homes across the country. According to various reports, there is an increase in the long term prescriptions, which last more than 90 days. The increase in the launches of new drugs also contributed to this trend. The popularity of prescription medicines is likely to keep on growing for years to come.

The following are the most popular prescription medications in the United States.


This medicine is more famous by its brand name of Xanax and Nivaram. It is useful in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. This medicine belongs to the class of Benzodiazepine that works by affecting the brain chemicals called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and helps the central nervous system and mind to relax. Doctors generally prescribe this medicine for short-term use only, as long term use can cause dependency or addiction.


It is a brand name for a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone drug this is used for the treatment of opioid addiction. This medicine also contains the opioid substance, which itself can be addictive, but the presence of Naloxone in this medicine blocks the effects of opioids. Buprenorphine helps reduce withdrawal symptoms. This medicine is also helpful in the treatment of pain. This medicine can be deadly if combined with alcohol or similar substances.


This drug is also available under the name of Omeprazole and Losec, among others. Doctors usually prescribe this drug for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease and ulcers. It is also helpful in preventing upper gastrointestinal bleeding. This medicine is available in tablet and liquid form, which one can take orally or via injection. This drug is more common than Prevacid and Nexium, and it is also less expensive. One can buy this medicine without a prescription in lower dosages.


This drug is also available under the name of Neurontin. This medicine is an anticonvulsant that is helpful in the treatment of partial seizures, neuropathic pain, hot flashes, and restless legs syndrome. This medicine is very effective in treating the pain caused by postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, and central neuropathic pain. People can take this medicine orally, and they might feel the most common side effects of this medicine that are dizziness and sleepiness after using it.


This medicine is often the first choice of physicians for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It increases the body’s cellular sensitivity to insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. This drug is particularly helpful for overweight people. One can take this medicine alone or in combination with other medications. This medicine is typically well-tolerated and suitable for both adults and children. This drug serves as an alternative to injection for most people.


This drug is a glucocorticoid medicine that helps suppress the immune system and decrease the inflammation in conditions such as asthma, rheumatologic diseases, and COPD. Doctors prescribe this medicine to people with Chron’s disease, allergies, eye problems, symptoms of cancer, and immune system disorder. Some of the common side effects of this medicine include bone loss, and muscle weakness, and thrush. 


Adderall is a combination of medication. It contains two substances, amphetamine, and salts. The primary use of this medicine is to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This drug initially used for the treatment of children, but over time, physicians started prescribing this drug to adults as well. This medicine is also useful in treating narcolepsy. It affects brain chemicals to help people stay focus. This medicine can cause a feeling of euphoria and increase wakefulness.

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This drug is available by its brand name of Vicodin and Norco, among others. Physicians generally prescribe this medicine for the treatment of moderate to severe pain, which can be chronic or caused by surgery. It is an opioid pain medication, and due to its addictive nature, this drug has raised concerns about the opioid epidemic in the US. People can get this medicine in tablet form, which they have to take orally. This medicine can also cause side effects like dizziness, vomiting, etc. 


This medicine is an antibiotic that is commonly helpful for the treatment of bacterial infection, including strep throat, skin infections, pneumonia, middle ear infection, and urinary tract infections. These tablets are readily available, and anyone can buy this drug. This medicine is a penicillin-type drug, so people with penicillin allergies should avoid using it. This medicine is available for medical use since 1972 in the united states.


This medicine is available under the name of Cozaar. Doctors usually recommend this medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetic kidney disease, heart failure, and left ventricular enlargement. People can use this medicine alone or with other blood pressure drugs. This medicine takes upto six weeks to show its full effects. The common side effects of this medicine can include muscle cramps, stuffy nose, and cough.


Amlodipine is also available in the market by the name of Norvasc, among others. It is helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and chest pain. This medicine is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines. People can take this medicine orally, and its effects can last up to a day.


This medication is an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor that is useful in the treatment of high blood pressure, after heart attacks, and heart failure. This medicine is usually the first choice of Physicians.  This medicine is also helpful in preventing kidney problems in people with diabetes. This medicine is a long-acting drug, so only one dose is sufficient for a day. It takes upto four weeks for the effects of this medicine to start working fully.


This drug is among the top pharmaceutical medications in the US. This drug is a synthetic hormone that is available under various brand and generic names. This drug is helpful in the treatment of thyroid hormone deficiency. One can take this medicine either orally or via injection into a vein. It can take upto six weeks to experience the full effects of this medicine. Some of the common side effects of this drug can include weight loss, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Atorvastatin (Lipitor)

This medicine is also available under the name of Atorvastatin. It is a statin medicine that helps prevent cardiovascular disease in people with high cholesterol increase. Over 70 million people take this medicine in the United States. Many physicians consider this as the first-line treatment for cardiovascular disease. Some of the common side effects of this medicine include joint pain, heartburn, nausea, and muscle pains.

Why Are Prescription Drugs So Popular?

The reason why prescription drugs are becoming so popular is that the generic drug wholesalers can now manufacture and distribute these drugs as they wish. Due to this, clinics, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies have greater access to these medicines. All these prescription drugs are FDA approved and meet the DEA requirements. 

Affordability is also responsible for the growing popularity of the prescription in the United States. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) has made it more convenient to get generic drugs, and because of that, more people are now able to afford prescription drugs. Some of the essential medicines are also available for free for senior and qualified citizens. Due to increased accessibility, popularity has also increased. And the number of people who are taking these prescription drugs on a daily has also risen.

Where to Buy Prescription Drugs?

Prescription medications are available for all sorts of medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, a thyroid condition, acid reflux, high cholesterol, anxiety, etc. The insurance plans have also increased coverage of the prescription medication, which makes it easier for the patients to get them.

most prescribed drug in the States
Different medications are available over the internet.

The prescription medicines are available at the local pharmacies as well as online pharmacies. People often prefer to buy these medicines online, as these medicines are available at a discounted rate from the online pharmacies.

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